Broadband speed explained

Standard ADSL Broadband

Standard broadband is delivered using a technology called ADSL.

In theory, standard broadband can deliver maximum possible download speeds of up to 7.6Mbps. In reality though, the actual speeds will vary for a number of reasons - starting with the type of broadband plan you choose.

"Speed not capped" means that we don't place an artificial speed cap on the download speed of the plan (for example a 3.5Mbps cap) and that there isn't a cap on the upload speed (for example a 128Kbps cap). Please see below for factors that will affect your broadband performance.

We also manage the traffic on our Big Time plan to ensure that there is an optimal experience for all our customers, so while most internet traffic on this plan will usually operate with our ADSL2+ capable speeds, there will be times during the day that some traffic on this plan won't have full ADSL2+ capable speeds, in particular customers using file sharing applications during busy times (generally inside the hours of 9am and 2am) are likely to see reduced speeds. If speed on all of your internet activities is always important, then Big Time probably isn't the right plan for you.

Some of our broadband plans limit the maximum upload speed to 128Kbps and, because of the way ADSL technology works, a limit on the upload speed will also limit the maximum possible download speed.

On plans that have an upload speed limit of 128Kbps, the download speed will be limited to a maximum of 4Mbps. This is the case for any Internet service provider offering these types of plans.

Factors affecting overall connection speed:

  • How close your house is to the exchange or roadside cabinet
  • Your internal house connection and telephone wiring
  • The capability of your modem
  • The type of phone line and its condition

Factors causing short-term variations in speed:

  • The number of people viewing a website at the same time as you
  • How much data other people are currently sending and receiving
  • The number of broadband customers in your area
  • How your software operates
  • How fast the website you're visiting can provide data